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Fresk25 concept
Why 25 books ?
Sukoï Worlds
Sukoï Experiment
Fresk25 Community
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Fresk25 concept
Why 25 books ?
Sukoï Worlds
Sukoï Experiments
Fresk25 Community
Sukoï Fund



"Fresk25 is the first work of a French young writer. His Crazy Fresk25 is made of 25 separate books that create a unique story. Enter the incredible world of Fresk25 today".
Sukoï Community
• "Artists, modelers, animators, contact us to join the project, we need talented skills".
• "Scientists, writers, Sukoï needs you to write V2 of Fresk25, in semiology, perception sciences".
• Become Sukoï in front of cameras, to embody the Sukoï Crew.
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  Why this structure of 25 books ?  

Each of the 25 books of Fresk25 is approximately 250 pages long. You can read any book in any place of the frescoe. Every book needs the 24 others to be perfectly understood.

The overall experience of reading the 8.000 pages of Fresk25 is similar to Ulysse odyssey's, James Joyce version, Lord of the Rings masterpiece or Dune.

Fresk25, more than a book, is an experience of extreme semiotic impacts on human mind.


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